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Are you looking to outsource because you want your business to focus on your long–term goals? Then outsourced customer support can help to achieve your vision.
Call Lab provides many different services that can help you stay focused on your goals while maintaining excellent customer support.

Call Centre Outsourcing

Call centres are a hub for client engaging – a level of communication with customers that requires specialised skill and expertise. The benefit of outsourcing this important role is extensive – it reduces the cost of resource management, saves the time of your own employees trying to assist, improves call quality and hours, increases customer satisfaction, provides for feedback and reporting, increases sales, improves company image as well as secures a competitive advantage. In addition, a well-managed call centre allows you to focus on your core business while we service, nurture and grow your greatest asset – your customer base.

Survey Outsourcing

Every company should prioritise the favourable experience of their customers since satisfied customers are most likely to help you attract more prospects. The converse is however a sobering thought. What if your customers don’t remain loyal and are lured away by a competitor?

Customers hold the key to your success. When treated well, they become your greatest ambassadors – not just by being repeat customers but also by actively recommending you. This is where customer satisfaction surveys undoubtedly benefit all companies that are committed to maintaining their existing customer base and growing that base year on year. Surveys have become the ideal, cost-effective tool to understand customer requirements, expectations and pain points – offering clear indicators where corrective action is needed, where expectations are not met and where new services and growth is possible.

Our tailor-made surveys can assist in gaining specific insights into your customers’ perceptions of your brand, product or service. This data driven approach is proactive and will lead the way to a better understanding of retention rates and increased customer satisfaction. As aptly said by best-selling author and Marketing consultant Roy H.Williams, “The first step in exceeding your customers’ expectations is to know those expectations.”

Live Chat Support Outsourcing

Customer service is the backbone to building a sustainable customer base and allowing companies to flourish. Implementing live chat customer support provides a platform to communicate with customers in real-time. This is an excellent way to connect with and support them, improving both your customer satisfaction levels as well as customer retention. A recent study indicates that 63% of consumers are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat. Live chat offers convenience for customers, immediate resolution of queries which saves time in the long-run, potential of increased sales, customer retention, improved relationships and a general higher return on investment.

Providing superior customer support with live chat is much more likely to get a customer for life. These loyal customers are worth up to 10x the value of the first purchase.

Social Media Customer Service

Social media customer service offers support through social media channels such as like Facebook and Twitter. Social media platforms have evolved to be more than marketing and advertising platforms. Today, they’re also valid and important channels for consumer engagement, to get customer service, especially with the rise of conversational business.

Over 60% of customers think solving an issue fast is the most important part of good support. This immediate channel of response allows businesses to meet customers where they are and quickly answer questions or respond to their comments.

Offering omnichannel support via social media can be a challenge for B2B and B2C companies, both large and small. Where smaller companies may struggle with the manpower to keep up with customer requests, large companies with high levels of engagement may find it hard to connect with every contact.

Either way, customer service expectations are rising every year, and companies are recognising the importance of evolving to meet them.

Telemarketing Outsourcing

Having a focussed and experienced telemarketing team is invaluable to the bottom-line. Outsourced telemarketing can augment existing customer relationships and increase the potential of revenue growth by effectively closing sales through our competent inbound/outbound telemarketing services and by creating sales force leads.

If used correctly, this tool could easily cut business costs, resolve any issues with timely answers and provide your business with much-needed expertise in matters linked to customer service, outreach and relationships.

IT Help Desk Outsourcing

The principal purpose of a help desk is to keep your IT services and functions’ downtime to a minimum. These platforms focus on end users, ensuring that technical issues and customer concerns are quickly addressed and resolved. An IT service desk assists with incident resolution or service request management. It creates and manages departmental knowledge, offers self-service for customers who want to resolve incidents quickly and independently, and provides metrics on the team and the tool’s effectiveness. Outsourcing allows companies to focus on their product/service offering while we manage queries and resolve issues in a structured and timeous manner.
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